eBGDAE1Intro=104442345Verse 1Simply because you can breathe44420364doesn't mean you're alive44555744or that you really live420283This life has taken its toll2944203104she just doesnt455511know how much more she can give444202123But here, at the top of the…2…world134444421420I raise my hands and i clench my fists44215204442162They stand before me below217444421820demanding answers44421920with flips of a switch444220022122223ChorusI don't understand where you344420424got this idea so deeply4648942534engrained in your head44204264427is something that you must impress888643284429But i couldnt care864330Less431232Verse 2A need for revolution's44444233rising204it comes to the44234surface20gasping for air442352we're not23644putting up with this planet44423720one more44238day20much less one more year444239024041i don't understand242Chorus34442where you've0443got this idea so46489444deeply engrained in your head3444204454446is something that you must impress888643474'cos i couldnt care less44886434945051InterludeSo here, and now, in our rotting nation52the blood,53it pours, its all on our hands now54we live, in fear,55of our own potential56to win, to lose,57it's all in out hands now585960616263Verse 3and i have, and american dream but it involves6465 black masks and gasoline, one day i'll turn666768these thoughts into screams6970at a world turned it's back down on…71…me72i273Chorusdon't understand34442where you got04744this idea so6489475deeply engrained in your head3444204764is477something that you must impress888643784'cos i couldnt care less...47986438048182Change tuning (R)