eBGDAE1It=9231162kills me not to know it but I've all888686338443but just forgotten what the co-886863384lor of her eyes were88686and her scars3385or how she got them886810As the te-3386lling signs of age rain down8810863a sin-387gle tear is dropping88686through the va-3388lleys of an aging face886863that this389world has forgotten886810102411All instruments=1144412131415161718There is no88619Verse 1reconciliation888686that will3620 put me in my place88868and there's no63621time(__)88like the present8686to622drink this88draining seconds86810But423seldom66do these words ring true69844when I'm4624constantly failing you669844like425walls that we just can't break through6666899until41126we disappear9898so tell me now(_)889(4)927(4)6(If) this ain't love611131128how do we go out?85858596962963'cause I don't know69131130That's when she said I don't hate666911911(8)31Chorus 1you boy, I just want to save9(6)6691191132you while there's still something left96691191133to save(_)139634That's when I told her I love66691191135you girl but I'm not the ans-96691191136wer for the questions that you96691191137still have(_)139638WO-OO-OO-OO(16)9(15)8(13)6(15)8WO-OO-OO-OO(16)9(15)8(16)9(13)639404142But the day44643Verse 2pressed on like crushig weights for no6614664644man does it ever wait like664613445memories of dying days the dea- 66646664946fen us like hurricanes99989447Bathed in flames we held the brand un-curled the666146614846 fingers in your hand6146649Pressed into the flesh like sand and6669889450now do you understand?111111913 So tell me now(__)889(4)951(4)6(If) this ain't love611131152how do we go out?85858596965363'cause I don't know69131154That's when she said I don't hate666911911(8)55Chorus 2you boy, I just want to save9(6)6691191156you while there's still something left96691191157to save(_)139658That's when I told her I love66691191159you girl but I'm not the ans-96691191160wer for the questions that you96691191161still have(_)139662BreakdownWO-OO-OO-OO(16)9(15)8(13)6(15)8WO-OO-OO-OO(16)9(15)8(16)9(13)663646566676834694470Ten thousand miles away11119119471there's nothing left to say111113119472but so much111111left that416373I don't know96854174We never had a choice11119119475This world is too much noise111113119476It takes me under(___)111191199677It takes me under once again1111911914678Clean part=75798081I don't hate you661182983I don't hate661184you(______)9664(4)85So tell me now8888696(If) this ain't love(__)6669878then how do we come(__)889946out688=74'cause I don't469know889=114That's when she said I don't hate666911911(8)90Chorus 3you boy, I just want to save9(6)6691191191you while there's still something left96691191192to save(_)139693That's when I told her I love66691191194you girl but I'm not the ans-96691191195wer for the questions that you96691191196still have(_)139697WO-OO-OO-OO(16)9(15)8(13)6(15)8WO-OO-OO-OO(16)9(15)8(16)9(13)698Final chorusI don't hate you6611999100I don't hate6611101you(______)94I don't hate6611102you9103I don't hate6611104you, no(__)964105WO-OO-OO-OO(16)9(15)8(13)6(15)8WO-OO-OO-OO(16)9(15)8(16)9(13)6106Change tuning (R)