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eBGDAE1=150Here we have some arpeggios/scales1215141214121312121414151215141244214just place your fingers not hard to each fret121312121414151211911911129312119and pick lightly with guitar pick9111191191112912119941112And that hepled me for speed training :)1191211956191715191715181614181614181614167181416181416181517191517191715178191715191715181614181614181614910now we have the pull of tech.211917211917211917211917191715191117151917this really trains your speed, 151917151715131715131715121317Pick once or twice at the highest fret number.151315131115131115131115131113and pull of and so on and on,13119131191311913119119711149This can't be hard to under stand.7119711979759759715and then we end in a little scale.59759759758758751687just play this over and over, until you are fast:D585171819Here, one of my favorite, solo-ing. 17181719full17191719172019171819what im trying to teach is vibro bendings.19789789710¼206789101314121421220Pick once the "0" fret at the beginning, then tap202020202020202020202023333333323start here to slow down and then slide.0202020213121024Here I put pull off's bendings and scales12121012101210full131225Into the same lick, wich makes a nice solo lick.:)1012101310131210121013121211101326141112131113111114full1427And i think is called a some sort of penta scales151412151412151412151412151412281514But not sure.121415full15141215141214122914still, rate my tab:) thanks12full3031
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