eBGDAE1=95442[Intro]345678910111213=9614[Preverse] add piano=9915161718[1] Your love is fading, I can feel your love fading 192021=10222[2] 'Cause your personal touch has grown cold235242526[3] I fooled myself. . .long as I can =10427282930[4] It's there when you speak my name31323334[5] I can feel it in the air35363738[6] I can feel it in my bones39404142[7] It's all over your face, someone's takin' my place43444546[8] When I look into your eyes, a reflection of a face I see474849=10550[9] I'm hurt, downhearted and worried girl51525354[Acapella break] Mmm. Mmmmm55565758[10] Your love is fadin'. . .can feel it fadin' 59606162[11] I can feel it in the air, it's there everywhere 636465=1043333333366[12] I don't wanna loo’ya, but I know I'm gonna groove you67686970[Instrumental, 20 bar] =10671727374757677787980818283848586878889=11490[Drum solo] =1179192939495353539697989991001011021033104105106107(I don't want to lose ya, but I)5108109110111112113[Outro Jam]=116114115116117118119120312191221231241251261271281291713013113213321134135136=120137138=97139[Coda] Your love is fadin', I can feel it fadin'140=105141142=9314355531445145146147Change tuning (R)