eBGDAE1=924423456789Don't like to think too much02022210it makes me think too much22022511it keeps my mind on my mind22022021213Don't want to see too much02022214it makes me see too much22022215sometimes I'd rather be blind22022021617All the thing they are saying and doing when they20222223222018pass me by just fills me up with2320202319noise2it over -20020loads me2221I want to disconnect myself2302022222hold my brain step out and unplug2320220223myself22I want nothing right2020524now2I wanna pull it out33323325yeah5I wanna pull it out33323326yeah5I wanna break it all33323227down3yeah7I wanna throw it out33323328yeah3yeah7Discon -5329nect myself535discon -5330nect myself535I wanna see it come55533331down5yeah3discon -5332nect myself53533343536A037thousand miles an hour going nowhere202020220238fast2clinging to the details of your 2200202339past2talkin'bout your damage and you're wasting my22002200223402time wanna be the king and they stand in22002202341line2all the numbers and the colours and the 202200220042facts2backed by the roumors and the figures and the2002200223343stats2I think I'm gonna download my mind02200202244I wanna pull it out33323345yeah5I wanna pull it out33323346damn3hey5I wanna break it all33323247down3yeah7Discon -5348nect myself535I wanna pull it out55533549yeah5yeah5I wanna pull it out55533550yeah5yeah5Discon -5351nect myself535discon -5352nect myself535yeah55354I wanna disconnect myself75566778do it575556I wanna disconnect myself75566778get it575758I wanna pull my brains right out75566778do it575960I wanna disconnect myself75566778right761now5626364656667686970717273Too damn bad that in the end of the day the only202200223220074thoughts in your brain are all the things that2202200223275they saywhat a waist2307677Too damn bad that in the end of the line you got202200223220078no idea what's on your own mind2320223279you got noone to2002080blame but yourself2002381Too much to know too much to see it might mean2202020302282something to you but it's nothing to me220222320283just another after someone's version of20002020200384how they great should be2023285I want to disconnect myself2302022286hold my brain step out and unplug2320220287myself22I want nothing right2020588now2I wanna pull it out33323389yeah5I wanna disconn -3333290nect my -32self3I wanna see it come33322291down3yeah7Discon -3292nect my -32self3I wanna see it come33322293down3yeah7Discon -3294nect my -32self3I wanna see it come33322295down3yeah7Discon -3296nect myself323979899100I wanna pull it out333233101yeah5I wanna disconn -33332102nect my -32self3I wanna see it come333222103down3yeah7Discon -32104nect my -32self3I wanna see it come333222105down3yeah7Discon -32106nect my -32self3I wanna see it come333222107down3yeah7Discon -53108nect myself535109110111112