eBGDAE1Intro:=115442345678Intro Verse:There's perfect2459har - mo - ny45410In the4511ris - ing and the fa-7545712-lling of the54213sea01415And as we24516sail a - long45417I ne - ver fail245718to be astoun-545719ded by the things545720we'll do for545let ringlet ringlet ring21pro - mi - ses4522223And a song54224012526Rhy. Fig. A:=1242728293031323334353637383940414243We are the109744Verse 1:innocent97745We are the79546damned547We were7948caught in the middle of the1010101099949madness9750Hunted by the li - on and the555542051lamb252Oh oh6453Oh oh4254We bring you55455Verse 2:fan - ta - sy42256We bring you22057pain258It's your2459It's your one great chance for a5554460mi - ra - cle422Or we will24561dis - a - ppear54262Never to be seen a - gain7754425636465Chorus:And all the fools2245665sailed away974676869all the fools245705sailed away9747172Sailed away4227374We bring you55475Verse 3:beau - ti - ful42276We teach you22077sin278We can2479give you a piece of the55554480uni - ver - se422Or we will24581Pre-Chorus:dis - a - ppear54282Never to re - turn a - gain7754425838485Chorus:And all the fools2245865sailed away974878889all the fools245905sailed away957919293all the fools245945sailed away9579596They sailed away44229798Sailed a-4299-way.....67671006767101Bridge:102103And as we245104drift along454105I ne - ver245106fail to be755astoun-57107ded by the things5457108we'll do for pro-5444109mi - ses52110And a54111Interlude A:song=13051121131141151161171181196412044121122Keyboard Solo:123124125126127128129130131132Guitar Solo:133134135136137138139140Interlude B:141142143144145146147148149150151We are the554152Verse 4:innocent422153We cut we795154bleed5155We're your24156one great chance for a55544157mir - a - cle422And a24158mi - ra - cle is something you55554203159need2160They'll take your dia-5547161-monds2162And then give you224231635164You'll be24165caught in the middle of the5555444166madness42Just4167Pre-Chorus:lost like them542and5168part of all the pain that they775545169feel75170(4)(2)(0)171Chorus:And all the fools22451725sailed away974173174175all the fools2451765sailed away974177178179all the fools2451805sailed away974181182183Leaving24184nothing55185nothing more to say75757full186(7)(5)(4)(2)3187all the fools2451885sailed away957189190191Interlude A:9(5)7192193194195196197198They say you're775199Outro:beau - ti - ful755200And they'll55201al - ways let you in55755202But5203doors are ne - ver o-75787204-pen5To the57205child without a trace875710206of sin87207Sail a - way755208209210211212213214