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eBGDAE1=115442345678910When there's5711lightning8512you know it always brings 85787513me down8514'cause it's free57815and I see that it's me57857816who's lost and never7875817found58518I cry at the857719magic8520I feel it dancing in the857875821light522it was told57823lost my5724hope8to the shadows of the night77108755252627No sign of the mor -7757828nig coming75829You've been left on your own77758530like a rainbow in the 57875831dark532a rainbow in the7875833dark 534Do your5735demons8536do they ever let 5787537you go8538When you tried57839do they hide deep inside57857840is it someone that you77875841know58542You're just a57543picture8544you're an image caught in57875845time546We're alive57847you and I57848we walk without71087our549eyes55051there's no sign of the mor -77757852ming coming75853You've been left on your own77758554like a rainbow in the57875855dark556just5a rainbow in the 7875857dark558596061626364656667686970717273747576777879808182When I see85783lightning8584you know it always brings857875me885down7586'cause it's free57887and I see that it's me57857888who's lost and never71087589found58590Feel the5791magic8592I feel it floating in the857875893air594but it'shere57895and you'll hear578967108759759899There's no sign of the mor -777578100nig coming758101there's no sign of the day777585102103You've been left on your own777585104like a rainbow5787105106like5a rainbow in the 78758107dark5108yeah871095110You're a rainbow in the 578758111dark5112113114like5a rainbow in the 78758115dark5116117118119120
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