Standard (EADGBE)

Well down through the ages woman's had a time

Tryin' to get her man to walk the chalk line

To keep him on a string with a kiss and a hug

But there's never been a man who wasn't bitten by the bug


Yeah rockin' and rollin' with the bug

Rollin' and strollin' with the bug

Itchin' and twitchin' singin' and swingin'

Yeah with the bug

Well Delilah loved Sammy, but he wouldnt stay home

Always runnin' and leavin' Dee home

She set out to find Sammy late one night

Found him down at the sand dune rockin' it right


Well Helen of Troy a cool smile on her face

She sported the face that launched a thousand ships

But she couldn't control the wiggle in her hips

She lost her fame and fortune, just one flip


Well now Josephine, She had trouble from the start

She couldn't keep her eye on little Bonoparte

Every single time that Josie looked around

She found her Bony runnin' round and round


Well now, are modern times the same as history

Even in the twentieth century

And our future now well it's plain to see

If we don't look out, the bug will get you and me

Chorus +

with the bug

with the bug....