Standard (EADGBE)


Verse 1

I'm gonna do it darling

I could waste time trying to figure it out

But I'm jumping anyhow

I've never been this far

Didn't know love could run so deep

Didn't know I'd lose this much sleep


Holding you close chasing that moon

Spending all night learning just who you are

Sparks flying in the dark

Shooting out lights, running down dreams

Figuring out what love really means

Baby giving you my heart is a real fine place to start

Verse 2

Something is going on

I can't explain but I sure can touch

It's calling both of us

Stronger than any fear or doubt

It's changing everything I see

It's changing you it's changing me

(repeat chorus)

Right here right now's the perfect spot

The perfect time

The perfect moment when your skin is next to mine

(repeat chorus)