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eBGDAE1=100442345So56After all these one night stands555557408You've ended up, with heart in hand3333392310A child alone55511On your own554Retreating0120313Regretfull…5… for the things your not1455555154016And all the things you haven't 3333317got2318Without a home55519This heart of stone554Lies bleeding0200321And for all the things you followed32255555235and524for all you did not find5553325And for all the things,326555You …5…have to leave behind27555552829I am the way555530I am the light4220531I am the dark557932inside the night754533I hear your hopes5555344I hear your dreams220535And in the dark557936I hear your screams754537Don't turn away881038Just take my hand880139and when you make557940your final stand754541I'll be right there055542I'll never leave4220543All I ask 57944of you believe757545464748These childhood eyes so intense54955555040While bartering your innocense551333335223For bits…5… of string5355554these grown up wings554you needed0550356and557when you had to add them up555555840You …0…found that they were not enough59333336023to get you in361055And062pay for sins054Repeated0630364And for…3… all the years you borrowed6555555665and567for all the years you cried5553368For369all the fears555570you had to keep inside555557172I am the way555573I am the light4220574I am the dark557975inside the night754576I hear your hopes5555774I hear your dreams220578And in the dark557979I hear your screams754580Don't turn away881081Just take my hand880182and when you make557983your final stand754584I'll be right there055585I'll never leave4220586All I ask 57987of you believe75758889909192939495=829697Change tuning (R)
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