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eBGDAE1=140442345678910Robert Plant75537511is a slimy fuck7575755312John Bonham man757553751353he really sucked5375755314Those greedy fuckers537575531575 those phoney shits5375755316They made their money 537575531775off idiots53755318i7519hate53Led Zeppelin 53755320i7521hate53Led Zeppelin 53755322232425262712 dollar concerts 537575537528were all the rage75755329They bought cocaine 537575537530for Jimmy Page5375755331"Stairway to Heaven"537553755332makes me see red5375755333Bonzo's buried53537534only three more left757553755335i75hate53Led…53…Zeppelin 36755337i75hate53Led Zeppelin 5338755339
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