Standard (EADGBE)


Chords used:



Verse 1

I thought that I could

always count on you

I thought that nothing

could become between us two

We said as long as we

would stick together

We'd be alright

We'd be ok


But I was stupid

And you broke me down

I'll never be the same again


So thank you for showing me

That best friends

can not be trusted

And thank you for lying to me

Your friendship and good times

we had you can have them back




Verse 2

I wonder why it

always has to hurt

For every lesson that

you have to learn

I won't forget what

you did to me

How you showed me things

I wish I'd never seen

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)


---- x2


When the tables

turn again

You'll remember

me my friend

You'll be wishing I

was there for you

I'll be the one

you'll miss the most

But you'll only

find my ghost

As time goes by

You'll wonder why

You're all alone

(Repeat chorus)


So thank you

for lying to me

So thank you for all the

times you let me down

So thank you

for lying to me

So thank you your friendship

you can have it back