eBGDAE1=118442345678910Verse 11112131415161718Pre ChorusYou're sca-red to 3346be 819loved62021Your youth has 66622made 6you too tough666232425I read a 66626Chorusbook6It's your face7762728Still my love 6682910for you was 663068no mis-take6610318632Fake6863386334Verse 23536373839404142Pre ChorusYou're bur-ning 3346your 843hair64445Tur-ning your666466 nose up666474849I read a66650Chorusbook6And it's your face7765152Still my love 6685310for you was665468no mis-take6610558656Fake68657863I read a 66658book6And it's your face7765960Still my love 6686110for you was 666268no mis-take6610638664Fake6866586366Interlude6768697071727374Pre ChrorusYou're sca-red to 3346be 875loved67677Your youth has 66678made 6you too tough666798081I read a book66682Chorus6And it's your face7768384Still my love 6688510for you was no mis-take6686686610878688Fake68689863I read a 66690book6And it's your face7769192Still my love 6689310for you was 669468no mis-take6610958696Fake6869786398Outro99100101102103104105106107108109