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dAFCGDP. M.P. M.P. M.1=1500031202044200645353300312020P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.43120031200315VerseLook to the sky, it's turning black!00312020600645353P. M.P. M.P. M.70031202084x312003120031P. M.P. M.94xChorusBeneath a black sky!00536442100031202044P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.1100645353120031202013312003120031P. M.P. M.P. M.14VerseAll life will end, infinite winter!0031202015006453531600312020P. M.P. M.P. M.174x312003120031184xBeneath a black sky!00536442P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.19Bridge0003144208x000310532100312020P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.2200645353230031202024312003120031P. M.P. M.P. M.25VerseLook to the sky, it's turning black!0031202026006453532700312020P. M.P. M.P. M.284x312003120031294x00536442
Track can be converted to a standard tuning (R)
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