Standard (EADGBE)



She`s shopping for kicks, got the weekend to get through

Keeping the rain off her Saturday hairdo

She stops for a coffee she smiles at the waiter

He winks at his friends and they laugh at her later

He`s cleaning his car on a pebbledash driveway

New chamois leather he got for his birthday

He reads Harold Robbins he flirts with his neighbour

Ingores her at breakfast he`s reading the paper

He dreams of a roller she dreams of a fast getaway


He`s not a prince he`s not a king

She`s not a work of art or anything

It makes no sense another year

What kind of A to Z would get you here

He`s nothing special, she`s not too smart

He studies fashion, she studies art

I thought I told you right from the start

You were just my imbetween

Just my Inbetween

You`re such an inbetweener

She went to the dream boys got tickets from Keith Prowse

She cancelled his lifelong subscription to Penthouse

She goes round the corner she sees Harry Conway

She says to herself that she`ll leave him on Monday

He dreams of a roller she dreams of a fast getaway

Chorus x2

Now it`s much to late to ask me where I`ve been

You were just my inbetweener

Transcription by Alan Delaney.