eBGDAE1=145442345678910You thought you'd conquered space1112But now your reign is through1314Dissect the human race1516Until they conquer you1718Fame is now mine=1401920Even though it's illusion2122Space and now time2324Has just reached its conclusion25=145262000 years ago2728My race created you2930We turned you loose in space3132Now a polluted zoo3334Fate is no crime=1403536I can face this illusion3738Space and now time3940Has just reached its conclusion41=15442Light years are passing4344before me I'll soon begin4546Carnivores roam the stars4748all in the place of men4950Singular5152manifestation of 53time54=14555And as your kingdom falls5657I've taken after you5859You may have wished this on me6061And now you see it through6263Your time is rolling over6465My time is coming soon6667I'll resurrect the ancient spores6869Eclipse the Vargr moon7071Matter warps space=1407273So now time is illusion7475How can I face 7677this miraculous conclusion?78=15279Light years are passing 8081before me I'll soon begin8283Right from the start I can8485see you're an alien8687Singular 88P. M.P. M.89manifestation of time9091=14592<Solo>:=1457555555555932000000000P. M.9410888888888959797P. M.P. M.967555555555972000000000P. M.9810888888888999797P. M.P. M.10075555555551012000000000P. M.102108888888881039797P. M.P. M.10475555555551052000000000P. M.106108888888881079797108=15410897751091089775110537553111315375112108977511310897751145375531153153751161089775117108977511853755311920120121=150122123Your stories do amuse me124125Although your eyes are vacant126127I did not wish this on you128129Your madness is quite blatant130131Inside your mind I see the source 132133of your hallucinations134135Your body's wasted but your 136137brain's on=140138fire=150139The future still looks grim now140141The human race is wasted142143But soon you must turn over144145The power you have tasted146147In all your148mercy I can149see you are an 150ideal agent151To bring this152curse upon the153galaxy=140154155Wait and 156see=154157Light years are passing 158159before me I'll soon begin160161Carnivores roam the stars 162163all in the place of man164165Infinite 166manifestation of167168time169