eBGDAE1=145442345678910You thought you'd conquered space971011910712But now your reign is through971013991414Dissect the human race971015910716Until they conquer you971017991418Fame is now mine=14077101997720Even though it's illusion1079217922Space and now time77102397724Has just reached its conclusion107925=14579262000 years ago971027910728My race created you971029991430We turned you loose in space971031910732Now a polluted zoo971033991434Fate is no crime=14077103597736I can face this illusion1079377938Space and now time77103997740Has just reached its conclusion107941=1547942Light years are passing109743971044before me I'll soon begin910945791046Carnivores roam the stars109747971048all in the place of men910949791050Singular109751971052manifestation of 910953time754=14555And as your kingdom falls971056910757I've taken after you971058991459You may have wished this on me979601097961And now you see it through971062991463Your time is rolling over97106491071065My time is coming soon88866108867I'll resurrect the ancient spores97106891071069Eclipse the Vargr moon88870108871Matter warps space=14077107297773So now time is illusion1079747975How can I face 77107697777this miraculous conclusion?107978=1527979Light years are passing 109780971081before me I'll soon begin910982791083Right from the start I can109784971085see you're an alien910986791087Singular 109788971089manifestation of time910990791=14592<Solo>:=14593949596979899100101102103104105106107108=154109110111112113114115116117118119120121=150122123Your stories do amuse me07912410141210125Although your eyes are vacant710712697109127I did not wish this on you07912810141210129Your madness is quite blatant710713097109131Inside your mind I see the source 710713297109133of your hallucinations7779134109710135Your body's wasted but your 710713697109137brain's on=140710138fire=1509139The future still looks grim now07914010141210141The human race is wasted710714297109143But soon you must turn over07914410141210145The power you have tasted710714697109147In all your7107148mercy I can97109149see you are an 7779150ideal agent109710151To bring this7107152curse upon the97109153galaxy=1407101549155Wait and 710156see=1549157Light years are passing 10971589710159before me I'll soon begin91091607910161Carnivores roam the stars 10971629710163all in the place of man91091647910165Infinite 1097166manifestation of97101679109168time7169Change tuning (R)