Standard (EADGBE)


My tears are fallin'

'cause you've taken her away

and so it really hurts me so

there's somethin' that I've got to say

( 1 ) Take good care of my, baby

please don't ever make her blue

just tell her that you love her

make sure you're thinkin' of her

in everything you say and do

( 2 ) Take good care of my, baby

now don't you ever make her cry

just let your love surround her

make a rainbow all around her

don't let her stare cloudy sky


Once upon a time

that little girl was mine

If I'd been true

I know she'd never be with you

( 3 ) Take good care of my, baby

Be just as kind as you can be

| And if you should discouver

that you don't really love her

Just send my baby

ho-me to me |

Take good care of my, baby (4x and fade out)

This song is taken from CD "The best of Smokie"