eBGDAE1=11044234567891011121314151617oh I left you42421819but you ne-44120ver really felt212121that far away424422232425oh I left you4422141226274because it44128seemed to hurt us less212129than if I stayed424430313233and yeah I left you12143435but you ne-44136ver really felt 212137that far away424438394041and yeah I left you12144243because it224144seemed to hurt us less212145than if I stayed4244464748495051525354555657585960616263646566=113and if2267I will you closer222206869can you feel the presence2220007071of my thoughts100727374and you don't say222275much now207677but what you say just tears2220007879yeah tears my world a-00010080part281and are you waiting22220828384are you wai-22285ting for the end00008687before it10088begins289and are you waiting22220909192are you wai-22293ting for the end2220949596979899100101102103104105106oh I left you1214107108but you ne-241109ver really felt2121110that far away4244111112113114and yeah I left you2214115116and now it seems2241117to hurt me more2121118than if I'd stayed4244119120121122and yeah I left you41214123124but how long241125will it take for you12121126to forget this hate44244127128129130yeah I left you1214131132but is "I'm sorry"22411133too simple21134a thing to say4244135136137138139140141142143144145146147148149150151152153154155=113and if22156I will you closer22020157158can you feel the presence222000159160of my thoughts100161162163and you don't say2222164much now20165166but what you say just tears222000167168yeah it tears my world a-000100169part2170and are you waiting22220171172173are you wai-222174ting for the end0000175176before it be-100177gins2178and are you waiting22220179180181are you wai-222182ting for the end2200183184185186187=113and if05188I will you closer55552189190can you feel the presence555550191can you feel the presence555550192of my thoughts054193194195and you don't say5555196much now52197198but what you say555199yeah it just555200yeah it just555tears4201my world apart4445202and are you wai-5555203ting2204205yeah you're always wai-5555206ting for the end5550207208before it4209begins5210you're always waiting55552211212213yeah you're wai-525214ting for the end2524215216217