eBGDAE1Verse 1=120If you just142642walked4a - way2232What could I4full424real - ly415say2would it matter14426anyway142full7would it change how you feel44414289Verse 2I am the14210mess4you111chose2the closet you214212can - not42213close2the devil214in you4214I suppose142full15coz the wounds never heal444142161718ChorusBut everything2000changes0194if I could42120turn back the years000021if you could00full4½22learn to forgive442423me then I could000024learn2to2225feel2sometimes the14226Verse 3things4I127say2in moments of214228dis - ar - ray41292succumbing to the2144230games we play142full31to make sure that its real.444411½323334ChorusBut everything2000changes0354if I could42136turn back the years000037if you could00full4½38learn to forgive442439me then I000could040learn0to041feel.2fullfull42Solo434445464748495051BridgeWhen its just14252me4and153you2who know what14254we4could155do2if we could just414256make it through142full57 the toughest part of the day4444411½585960ChorusBut everything2000changes0614if I could42162turn back the years000063if you could00full4½64learn to forgive442465me then I could000066learn how to feel000067if we could00full4½68stay here together4424690and we could00070conquer the world000071if we could00full4½72say that for - ever4424730is0more than0074just0a2full75word2if you just14276Outrowalked4a - way22772what could I14278real - ly4179say2and would it mat - ter4144280any - way142full81it wouldn't change how you feel444414282Change tuning (R)