d#A#F#C#G#C#1You=1201142Lied3disguised13443pulled the wool333over my eyes63334Trained assassin31335Knife was in my back again33335126Contradict3137nothing you said ever meant a thing33333363318Deceit3decieved639how could I ever believe?333351210Wouldn't bother775611me in the slightest8888127if I never saw you again5613553838381467Not one more…56…conversation158888167No more means of communication56175553838381867Take your filth and leave me be561988882077Cause you're my past, you're my…56…history2155533226I don't want your kind near me562388882477don't want to wear your crown of5625553326Thorns!1327Thorns!1328Thorns!1329Thorns!1330Thorns!1331Thorns!1332Thorns!1333Thorns!1334Blink of an eye!66665535Blink of an eye!6666You536Lied3disguised1337pulled the wool333over my eyes633338Trained assassin313339Knife was in my back again333351240Contradict31341nothing you said ever meant a thing333333633142Deceit3decieved1343how could I ever believe?333351244Now it's alright to contradict75645888846One minute it's fine7777647the next I'm out of line?555588486Now you're gone and I'm…56…OK.498888507Rememeber when you called me?756515535262 AM56538I was asleep888547Deep inside my senseless dream76555533566A3crying wreck on the other side565788888587don't know why I took you back77556659you make me553360Sick!1361Sick!1362Sick!1363Sick!1364Sick!1365Sick!1366Sick!1367Sick!1368Blink of an eye!66665569Blink of an eye!6666You670Lied3disguised1371pulled the wool333over my eyes633372Trained assassin313373Knife was in my back again333351274Contradict31375nothing you said ever meant a thing333333633176Deceit3decieved1377how could I ever believe?33335127879=1208081828384858687Wouldn't bother775688me in the slightest8888897if I never saw you again5690553838389167Take your filth and leave me be569288889377Cause you're my past, you are gone, you are histor56945555553333Change tuning (R)