eBGDAE13xIntro=153842345617280:35I was far away from here222232329Felt like a million miles23235510Under unfamiliar skies2232355and more than one way far from dreams I'd…3…dreamed1133323230212I'd seen the blinding light222323213There was hope, but was there time?223235514Slow trigger, starting line232355and each3315day I'm waiting seemed eternity333232342160:59You never left my side2333221718You never left my mind233324192021221:16Some people open up their mouths22232323223But really who are they?23235524And soon enough they'll fade away2223235525only blind men, soon they'll have to see33323230226Fear like a cancer spreads222323227How many more will drop their eyes?2223235528Lift their hands and wait to die2232355and how much time to spend to see who…3…stands29333232302301:40Well I think i know the way2232323231I got a promise on the mind2223235532And I'll be looking for whats mine2232355 Soverign stillness whispers "Trust in……me"3333323234234In just a little while2333223536They'll wish that they were silent233324372382:03Keep waiting23239I'll be right on time3224040Keep waiting23241I'll be right on time3303242Keep waiting23243Ill be right on time3224044Keep waiting23245Ill be right on time3303246In just a little while2333224748They'll wish that they were silent233324492502:3751525354555657583:00And when they try222459to take your eyes224060off of me040061remember05462and when they try222463to take your eyes223364off of me-e323265remember me2323663:24Keep waiting23267I'll be right on time3224068Keep waiting23269I'll be right on time3303270Keep waiting23271I'll be right on time3223372Keep waiting23273I'll be right on time33032743:46Keep waiting2327576Keep waiting23277I'll be right on time3303278In just a little while2333227980They'll wish that they were sile-e-ent222223812328283848586878889=14090=100Change tuning (R)