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eBGDAE1=200This exercise serves to increase your ability with the right hand on guitar chord.44234When you can see 'U' the plectrum movement is upward, when you see 'D' the plectrum…5678=85Let's begin this with 85 bpm9D0U0D0U0…movement is downward.10D0U0D0U011D0U0D0U012D0U0D0U013D0U0D0U014D0U0D0U015D0U0D0U016D0U0D0U017D0U0D0U018D0U0D0U019D0U0D0U020With your experience you must do it on 200 bpm2122=200D0U0D0U023D0U0D0U024D0U0D0U025D0U0D0U026D0U0D0U027D0U0D0U028D0U0D0U029D0U0D0U030D0U0D0U031D0U0D0U032D0U0D0U0
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