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eBGDAE1Awesome Man=72If I could be a superhero30103330030012000120442I would be awesome man111213300330103301033I'd fly around the world fighting crime301033300300120001204According to my awesome plan111213300330103301035And If I saw criminals trying to lie111213300330103301036Hurting other people and making them cry111213300330103301037I'd haul them off to jail in my awesome van11121330030102301022010200122548Cause I would be awesome man11121330033010330103449Drug Free BoyNow, some criminals want you to be a criminal and 301033010330103301033. . . .01035410But we know what to do kids, we just say no!301033010330103301033010311If I could be a superhero301033300300120001204412I would be drug free boy1112133003301033010313Telling the world of the evils of drugs3010333003001200012014And all of the lives they destroy1112133003301033010315I'd take all the junkies getting so high1112133003301033010316With their needles and bongs and. . .1112133003301033010317As I burn them alive I would squeal with joy111213300301023010220102001225418Cuz I would be drug free boy111213300330103301034419Break(Whistling)3010333003001200012020. . . . . . . .1112133003301033010321. . . . . . . .3010330103301033010322Imigration DudeIf I could be a superhero3010333003001200012023I'd be immigration dude1112133003301033010324I'd send all the foreigners back to their homes3010333003001200012025For eating up all of our food1112133003301033010326And taking our welfare and best jobs to boot1112133003301033010327Like landscaping, dishwashing, picking our fruit1112133003301033010328I'd pass a lot of laws to get rid of their brood111213300301023010220102001225429Cause I'd be immigration dude111213300330103301034430Now kids, you could make up your own superhero3010330103301033010331If you could, who would it be?3010330103301033010332Justice GuyIf I could be a superhero3010333003001200012033Would you be justice guy?1112133003301033010334Making sure people get what they deserve3010333003001200012035Especially women who lie1112133003301033010336Like if a wife left her husband with 3 kids and no1112133003301033job010337To run of to f'ing hawaii with some doctor named b1112133003301033ob010338I would skin them and drain them of blood so theyd11121330030102301022010200122die, Especially bob01220012200122001220012207439Then you would be justice guy111213300330103301034440Or you could be subtle, I didn't mean to be vague1112133003301033010341Give her mad cow disease, let him die of the plagu1112133003301033010342As long as they suffered for their terrible lies11121330030102301022010200122Especially bob01220012200122001220012207443Then you would be justice guy111213300330103301034444Yes then you would be311233003003045A superhero. . .121112123003003046Like me30101030130002301023
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