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eBGDAE1=9344234Tabbed by ELGRANMAPACHE5673168449101112These413Verse 1lines4on my4414face give up the time55524This blood2154withe-7716-ring through my veins is life like wine777975417Drink to our last kiss44204and518write a book about the mess7779754a419life in vulgar poetry444477720a testamente in rhyme(__)11½1111111111½2122In-423cinerate(_)12119724while we can974So425Chorus 1now I sit alone in the dark, in the555555444111126house we used to play the part, empty12121212121111111127rooms and photographs shout back in121212911999728silence974Dead1129spaces echo12129full9730an attack974for the4431love of what we used to both call 55555754532home(__)4243344343536371838Verse 2Wave4a white444439flag and count me out55524Recog-5340nize9how9full41sanity would feel(__)1211747full7The742The spaces between these lines that I could9991112117443never quite reveal1211747full7in a9944blink of an eye that's just too short9777554445to suffocate and kill(__)121111111111½4647So448Chorus 2now I sit alone in the dark, in the555555444111149house we used to play the part, empty12121212121111111150rooms and photographs shout back in121212911999751silence974Dead1152spaces echo12129full9753an attack974for the4454love of what we used to both call 55555754555Bridgehome(__)456575859It's been two weeks without the sign4445555960of anyone(__)997761I left the world behind 'cause I don't44420000262wanna believe in love000000full63Anxiet of a future we447full9991264cannnot command(__)11749765too broken for the test, too to-4442002066xic for a stand(_)0000267PresoloSo I laid down and lost myself,9999999968(to) the things I could not live down999121177969We are the wings of doves, too broke9999999970to fly, to carry on(____)999121177971So I laid down and lost myself,5599999972(to) the things I could not live down999121177973We are the wings of doves, too broke9999999974to fly, to carry on(____)99912121475Solo(0)1276to fly, to carry on(____)912121477(0)127879So now I sit alone in the dark, 99797977980in the house we used to play779997981Empty rooms and photographs in si-999912121287½82lence(__)87(0)835As the memories come rushing back,97979997984dead spaces echo an attack(__)9999912111185All for the love we left in si-5579791211½86lence(___)11½11(11)87988Change tuning (R)