eBGDAE1=1424423456789101112131415161718Late at night030that's the0219time I can't forget it sail the0202020220darkness but this ain't sleep0020021022heard the sound, could it0300223be I got a message but the0202020224message wasn't intended for me002000022526Can't you see there's a3335027madman working he's3330328putting in o - ver - time33033329too con -3030tent with the sweet scent3303331of de - ni - al you're ob -30353032li - vi - ous to the signs3303303334It's a stru -11335ggle for the rea -101136son03738but it's the on -111339ly thing I know101040101010141042No surprise31343here's more lies and you still31331344are wailing what the1313145hell are you saying33131and you're3146fly fly flying with the lie33313347lie lying0348Where's the truth where's the truth03003049why you lying303050Truth abuse31351what's the use it's not a31331352game you're playing do you31313153know what I'm saying and you're331313154high high hiding with lie33313355lie lying0356where's the truth where's the truth03003057where's the truth030585960616263646566I'm not you030you're not0267me, that's the difference so you0202020268can't deny we're the same0020069070What's the point that' what0300271sticks huh exactly take a0202020272second helping of the blame002000027374Not a scare not a 3335075bomb not a warning a con -333030076dition that nonone should doubt330330377there's a3078tick tock tick tock3030tick -379in' in my head you got -33030380a get out0038182Yet I can11383not deny the rea - son10118408586'cause it's the11387only thing I know101088101010189090No remorse31391danger course and you still31331392are wailing you don't1313193know what you're saying and you're331313194fly fly flying with the lie33313395lie lying0396Where's the truth where's the truth03003097why you lying303098Sich in thought31399disease you've caught it's a3313313100game you're playing, do you13131101know what I'm saying and you're3313131102high high hiding with lie333133103lie lying03104where's the truth where's the truth030030105where's the truth030106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122It's a stru -113123ggle for the rea -1011124son0125126but it's the on -1113127ly thing I know101012810101011290130Too much tweak313131dosage leak and you still313313132are wailing, what the13131133hell are yuo saying and you're3313131134fly fly flying with lie333133135lie lying03136Where's the truth where's the truth030030137why you lying3030138Set to loose313139why you choose it's not a game313313140you're playing do you13131141know what I'm saying and you're3313131142high high hiding with lie333133143lie lying03144where's the truth where's the truth030030145where's the truth030146where's the truth where's the truth030030147where's the truth030148where's the truth where's the truth030030149where's the truth030you're lying331500Change tuning (R)