Standard (EADGBE)



The actors and jesters are here,

The stage is in darkness and clear,

For raising the curtain, and no-one's quite certain

Whose play it is.

How long ago, how long?

If only we had listened then,

If we'd known.. just how right,

We were going to be.

For we dreamed a lot and we schemed a lot

And we tried to sing of love before

The stage fell apart.

Oh o-h, o-h-h, o-h-h, o-h-h, o-h-h-h


If everyone was listening you know,(Run ,,)

There'd be a cha-e that we could save the show.(Run Bb,B,C)

__Who'll be the last clown ... to bring the house down?

Oh no, please no,, don't let the curtain fall.



What is your costume today?

Who are the props in your play?

You're acting a part which you thought

From the start.. was an honest one.

Well, how do you plead?

An actor indeed! Go re-learn your li-i-ines

You don't kno-ow what you've done,

The fin-aa-lee's begu-u-un: