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eBGDAE1Intro=100All you people up there999999442=1008in city hall79793=100You're fucking it up for99999the people thats in the streets994=100896789 (KG harmony)8967895=100This is a song for the people in the streets999119999996=125not the people in city hall (KG harmony)787878789978911911897=135All you motherfuckers in the streets67676767676767678=13556it's time to rise up67566756come on now6756679=170children fucking rise5667566756(KG harmony)10Fast Section=17011=17012=17013=17014=17015=17016=17017=17018=170Lots of times when me and KG are watching7777719=1701097109720=170all the fucking shit that goes down in city hall7575721=1707109109522=170723=170We get the feeling we should fuck shit up775757524=170 (harmony)6795677and maybe fucking start a RIOT!7725=1707777101026=17027=170a RIOT!7101028=17029=170We got screaming in the streets7777777777 (KG harmony)4530=1706731=170We got tipping over shit and77777777774532=17067and breaking fucking windows of575674533=17067small businesses67676767677534=17067and setting fucking fire!979797979735=1701079736=1707and setting fucking fire!979797979737=1701079771138=170and setting fucking fire!979797979739=170107977111240=1701141=17042=17043=17044=17045=17046=10047Two Kings Section=100For lyrics to this……section, see the song details48495051525354555657585960616263Two Kings (Elbow Grease)6465666768We'll…8…lead as two kings!69875570yes!5We'll lead as two kings!5757771Two Kings (Legalisation)6Ahhhh777253227374757677787980We'll lead as two kings!881875582yes!5We'll lead as two kings!5757783Two Kings (No More Pollution)6Ahhhh778453228586878889909192We'll lead as two kings!893875594yes!5We'll lead as two kings!5757795Two Kings (No More Rich People)696979899100101102103104We'll lead as two kings!81058755106yes!5We'll lead as two kings!57577107Two Kings (Potato Famine)6108109110111112113114115116117118119Two Kings (Leader Formally Known as King)120121122123124125126127128We'll lead as two kings!81298755130yes!5We'll lead as two kings!57577131Two Kings (I Poisoned Your Wine)6132133134135136137138139140141142143144Noooo!=170145=170146=170147=170148=170149=170150=170151=170152=170153=170154=90155People Inside Me=100156157158159160161162163People inside me022322164are asking me to smoke up city hall232354001652cos no one here is talking0166010210167People inside me022322168are asking me to blow up city hall232354001692cos no one…0…here is rocking!170=100013503171Rock em Sock em RobotsPeople inside me222322172=100are asking me to blow up city hall33335535173=1002cos everyone has rock em sock em robots!0174=10001021020175=10022176=100everyone has rock em sock em robots!01021020177=1002032178=600Everyone has rock em sock em robots!1021020179End=9022180=90181=80182=100183=80184=60185=130186=130187188
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