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eBGDAE1Intro=88442345Spoken:6Verse 1This is the greatest and best song in the world789Tribute10Long time ago me and my…11…brother Kyle here12Were hitchhikin' down...13A long and lonesome road14All of a sudden15There shined a shiny demon1617In the middle of the road1819And……he said,20"play5the best4221song5in the world54222Or i'll eat your souls"22544023Spoken:…24Well me and Kyle 25We looked at each other26and we each said,27"OK"And we0028Chorusplayed the first thing that came to our heads20220220329just so happend to be....545545the best3030song in the world 3(1)145it was the 00031best song in the world03(1)14109732look in to my eyes and its easy to see one and33333001(10)1(8)(0)51(10)0(8)0(8)(0)533one makes two two and one makes three, it was(1)30(8)(0)5(0)5(3)4(3)4(0)5(5)2(0)5(0)534(3)4(5)2(4)535Once every hundred thousand years or so, when the33333001(10)1(8)(0)51(10)0(8)0(8)(0)536one makes two two and one makes three, it was(1)30(8)(0)5(0)5(3)4(3)4(0)5(5)2(0)5(0)537grass doth grow(3)4(5)2(4)5(0)538Spoken:39Verse 2Needless to say40the beast was stunned41"Whip crack", went his swampy tail42and the beast was done43he asked……us [snort]44"Be you angels?"45and we said, "Nay 46We are but Men!"........Rock47Chorusah5(7)ah3(6)5(6)48ah3(5)5(5)3(5)1(5)3(5)5(5)3(5)3(3)49whoa3(5)(7)1(5)0(4)1(5)50whoa1(5)3(3)1(5)0(4)1(5)oh0(5)whoa1(5)0(4)3(7)1(5)51Bridge0(4)this is not the222552greatest song in the world3333505753This is just a 0(4)2222Trib554ute755Couldn't remember03535035the056greatest song in the world3333505yeah5457547no!7This is a trib(3)5(5)5(5)2(5)7(3)558ute(1)3(5)5oh(1)3(0)559(5)7to the greatest003060song in the world0005alright0103561It was the greatest song in the…00030…world620000Alright65356331it was the best mutha f**kin' song, the2424547447564greatest song in the world ohh3355547265Vocal SoloVocal solo:75(7)240303(0)23663535(4)2474745(3)0(2)675(7)47(0)72303301(3)683(0)535(3)X(4)X(4)X(4)X(4)X(4)X(4)X(4)42069Yeah7707172Spoken:…73Verse 3And the perculiar thing is this my friends,74the song we sang on that fateful night,75it didn't actually sound anything like this song76this is just a trib(0)5(0)5(0)5(3)4(3)477ute(5)7you gotta believe me(5)7(0)5(0)5(3)4(3)478(5)7and i wish you were there(5)7(5)7(0)5(0)5(3)4(3)479(5)7Just a matter of opin(3)4(3)4(0)5(0)5(0)5(3)4(3)480ion(5)781Guitar SoloGood God God Lovin303530082It's no surprise to find you cant stop it30000003578384858687888990919293949596979899100
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