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eBGDAE1Intro=7444234567891011121314151617Verse 1 On a dark desert highway777555718cool wind in my hair,77555319 warm smell of colitas5full7755720rising up through the air.77755503321Up ahead in the distance577755822I saw a shimmering light,7775555323my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim555555557724 I had to stop for the night.577755725There she stood in the doorway7½77½778726I heard the mission bell,5777553327and I was thinking to myself this could be5555555777728heaven or this could be hell.777755503329Then she lift up a candle777775730and she showed me the way,75775731there were voices down the corridor55555557732I thought I heard them say57575733Chorus 1"Welcome to the Hotel Califor-888888108834-nia."7Such a5535lovely place, (such a lovely place), such a755557553336lovely face.53337Plenty of room at the Hotel Califor-88888888108838-nia.7Any5739time of year, (any time of year), you can755577557840find it here.87741Verse 2Her mind is Tiffany-twisted7777778742she got the Mercedes-Benz, uh777755743343she got alotta pretty, pretty boys5555575757344that she calls friends.5779545How they dance in the courtyard777775746sweet summer sweat,757447some dance to remember55757548some dance to forget.77557349So I called up the captain777778750 please bring me my wine,77757he said77351"We haven't had that spirit here since55555557533352nineteen-sixty nine."7775503353And still those voices are calling from77775777554far away, 75755wake you up in the middle of the night555555555756just to hear them say, hey.75755757Chorus 2"Welcome to the Hotel Califor-888888108858-nia."7Such a5559lovely place, (such a lovely place), such a755557553360lovely face.533They're…761livin' it up at the Hotel Califor-88888888108862-nia.7What a5763nice surprise, (what a nice surprise), bring your755577557864 alibis.87765Verse 3Mirrors on the ceiling778787366the pink champange on ice, and she said47775788867 we are all just prisoners here75557557368of our own device.7775769And in the master's chambers0777555full370they gathered for the feast,477557371they stab it with their steely knives055575573372but they just can't kill the beast.5577757373Last thing I remember, I was77878777374running for the door,7775775I had to find the passage back to the7555555577376place I was before.777550377"Relax", said the night man, "We are7777577778programmed to recede,777750379you can check out any time you like55555557780but you can never leave."7775½775781Solo828384858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104105Outro Solo106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121Change tuning (R)
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