eBGDAE1=142Undug, Gleeban, Gloutan, Globan442"Give It To Me Baby..."3Give it to me baby, uh-huh uh-huh45Give it to me baby, uh-huh uh-huh67Give it to me baby, 8uh-huh uh-huh9All the girlies…10…say I'm Pretty fly for a white guy11Pre Verse4424424427751244244299777513442442442775144424429977751544244244277516442442997775174424424427751844219VerseI know it's kind of hard just 777720to get along today777721Our subject isn't cool but he fakes it anyway777722777723He may not have a clue and777724he may not have style777725But everything he lacks 777726well he…So,……makes up in denial27ChorusDon't debate9979971010811119101081111928Player straight9979971010811119101081111929You know he really doesn't 77577577577530get it anyway77599799799777577531Gonna' play the field9979971010811119101081111932Keep it real9979971010811119101081111933For you no wait77577577577534For you no wait7759979977757751010899777535So if you don't rate9979971010811119101081111936Just overcompensate9979971010811119At least you'll know you can always10108111193777577577577538Go on Ricki Lake77599799799777577539121210The world needs12121012121012121040Wannabes7757750so77599741Hey! Hey! Do that brand new thing!7798757542743Pre Verse 2Give it to me baby, 4424424427754444244299777545Give it to me baby, 4424424427754644244299777547Give it to me baby, 4424424427754844244299777549And all the girlies say i'm 44244244277550pretty fly for a white442guy51Verse 2He needs some cool tunes777752Not just any will suffice777753They didn't have Ice Cube777754So he bought Vanilla Ice777755Now cruisin' in his Pinto 777756He sees homies as he pass777757But if he looks twice there gonna' kick his lily 777758assSo,59Chorus 2Don't debate9979971010811119101081111960Player straight9979971010811119101081111961You know he really doesn't get it anyway7757757757756277599799799777577563Gonna' play the field9979971010811119101081111964Keep it real9979971010811119101081111965For you no wait77577577577566For you no wait7759979977757751010899777567So if you don't rate9979971010811119101081111968Just overcompensate9979971010811119At least you'll know you can always10108111196977577577577570Go on Ricki Lake77599799799777577571121210The world loves12121012121012121072Wannabes7757750so77599773Hey! Hey! Do that brand new thing!7798757574775BridgeNow he's getting a tattoo, yeah76He's getting ink done77He asked for a 1378But they drew a 3179Friends say he's trying too hard and he's not 44222080442quite hip22081But in his own mind he's the44222082He's the dopest trip!44244299777583Pre ChorusGive it to me baby, 4424424427758444244299777585Give it to me baby, 4424424427758644244299777587Give it to me baby, 4424424427758844244299777589Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco, sies!44290775997997So,77591Chorus 3Don't debate9979971010811119101081111992Player straight9979971010811119101081111993You know he really doesn't get it anyway7757757757759477599799799777577595Gonna' play the field9979971010811119101081111996Keep it real9979971010811119101081111997For you no wait77577577577598For you no wait7759979977757751010899777599So if you don't rate99799710108111191010811119100Just overcompensate99799710108111191010811119101At least you'll know you can always775775775775102775997Go on Ricki Lake997997775775103The world needs wannabes1212101212101212101212101047757750775997105The world loves wannabes1212101212101212101212101067757750775997107Let's get some more wannabes1212101212101212101212101087757750775997109Hey! Hey! Do that brand new thing!779875751107
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