eBGDAE1=1504423Intro456789101112131415161718Intro VersW e m a r c h e d 79797919 t o t h e e n e m i e s97975520W e w e r e a t t a c k i n g i - n 79797215722the dark5723T h e p l a n w a s c l e a r t o 791097924 e v e r y o n e525572627282930O u r s u p r i s i n g f o r c e79797931s t r i k e d b a - c k 97975532A l l t h e e n e m i e s 7979733ar - m y s534573536One town7937A f t e r t h e o t h er77553839But when111240we almost11124142had won the war14121416434445Riff=20046474849505152535455=20056=21057Vers 1T h e y m a d e a p o w e r -99975758- f u l 75strikeback7559A n d t h e y k i l l e d o u r 99975760k i n g a n d l e a d e r7591261W e h a d l o s t 99975762y e t a g a i n757563W e w e r e s o v e r y 777791264close=21097this time57656667W i t h o u t o u r m i g h t y 99975768k i n g , o u r f o r c e s757569w e - r e d r i f t - 99975770 i n g 75a p a r t91271A n d w e w e r e forced back to our own…999757…country72757573T h e r e p r o c e s s i o n h a d b e g u n777791274=2109757757677RefWe fought14167879We won14168081Bu - ut when 9111282we al - most9111283 had them in our141211984hands, we111285 lost1486With swords14168788And guns14168990We - e were 9111291f i g h t i n g9111292fo - o - or our141211993lives and111294souls14959697Mellanspel9899100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117Pre Solo118119120121Kalle Solo122123124125126127128=210129130131132Erik Solo133134135136137138139=210140141142143Post Solo144145146147Mellanspel148149150151152153154155RefWe fought1416156157We won1416158159Bu - ut when 91112160we al - most91112161 had them in our1412119162hands, we1112163 lost14164With swords1416165166And guns1416167168We - e were 91112169f i g h t i n g91112170fo - o - or our1412119171lives and1112172souls14173174VersO v e r t h e m o u n t -999757175ains7 we marched575176With the enemies che -999757177wing on the back75912178I - n a snowstorm they999757179catched757 us5180Half the army were never7777912181seeing home again=210975710182183184W h e n w e f i n a l l y999757185reached homeland7575186T h e r e w e r e n o t m a n y o f 99975718775us left912188Carrying the dead king999757189to the capital7575190Risked our lives to see him 7777912191b e b u r i e d=2109757192193194RefWe fought1416195196We won1416197198Bu - ut when 91112199we al - most91112200 had them in our1412119201hands, we1112202 lost14203With swords1416204205And guns1416206207We - e were 91112208f i g h t i n g91112209fo - o - or our1412119210lives and1112211souls14212213We fought1416214215We won1416216217Bu - ut when 91112218we al - most91112219 had them in our1412119220hands, we1112221 lost14222With swords1416223224And guns1416225226We - e were 91112227f i g h t i n g91112228fo - o - or our1412119229lives and1112230souls14231232233234Outro23523623723823924021x