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eBGDAE1Intro=120442345678910111213141516171st VersePlease ex - cuse me, but I33333318got3to3ask3192021Are you on - ly be - ing33333322nice,3be - cause you00023want some -42thing?02425My fai - ry - tale ar - 3333326row3pier -3ces3272829Be care - ful how you re - spond,333333330'cause you'd not00031end up42in032this song _______375333I ne - ver gave you an en -333333334cour - age - ment3333536And it's3337do - ing me in,3332do - ing me in,003803do - ing me in,222039do - ing me in222040do - ing me in ________33335341Chorus42The more2043you3try0to2e -044rase me30The more,1045the __ more31046The more0047that2I0ap - pear ___40448Oh,3the more,1049the __ more31050The more2051you3try0the2e -052ra -3ser0The more,1053the ___ more32054The more0055that you20ap - pear ___4045657Interlude5859606162632nd VerseYou know the an - swer so why333333364do3you3ask?3656667I am on - ly be - ing33333368nice,3be - cause I00069want4some -2one070some - thing ____375371You're like a kit - ten with a333333372ball3of3yarn _________________342477374And it's3375do - ing me in,3332do - ing …00…me in,7603do - ing me in,222077do - ing me in222078do - ing me in ________33335379Chorus80The more2081you3try0to2e -082rase me30The more,1083the __ more31084The more0085that2I0ap - pear ___40486Oh,3the more,1087the __ more31088The more2089I3try0to2e -090rase3you0The more,1091the more2092The more0093that you20ap - pear ___40494No, you're wrong,10095you are wrong,10296you are wrong,02097you are wrong, ____205984you are wrong, ____________24099you are wrong, _____204100you're wrong…02…___________________________101400102103Bridge10410510610710810913811044111112113114115116117118Outro119120121122312351247125(0)5126312751287129513071315751323213331341353136137(0)57138(0)5139327140(5)1415142233143144145146147148149
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