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d#A#F#C#G#D#1[0:34]=106442345Verse [0:43]678789441011127813[1:07]441415Verse [01:05]as you look on your surroundings444420161217from the mountain to the sea2222031817819you find everything i gave you 44442044203021you see everything but me2222032217823Bridge [1:23]I am the storm 330324 that won't be calmed 035325i am the calm 330326that follows11027i'm in the stars 330328that fill your sky 035329and when i choose330330i'll be in your thoughts755398331Chorus [1:41]768323334 i'll be in your dreams537358335368363738all the light you see755358339[1:56]768404142 all the air you breathe5373583433684445A74658472nd Verse [2:08]as you look on all the hurting 44442044481249and the finger points at me2222035017851you see freedom in deserting 44442044523053and the cost of being free2222035417855Middle Part [2:25]I painted the heavens 0333334456the sun and the moon033537857 know what's beyond them 0333334458 i know you3337859i know what's before you 0333334460and what's going to be033537861but now is the moment 0333334462you'll find me0007863[02:41]4464and all that you ever thought 02352365will fall to the ground like snow0660235206768clearing the air you breathe 2402406970whitening all you know24554027172and all that you ever see 02352373 is never the same again0740235207576your eyes will be open wide 2402407778then you will understand245540279Guitar Solo [3:20]807881448278834484788544867887Keyboard Solo [3:37]44887889449078914492789344947895Guitar Solo II [03:54]6896979858996810010110258103[4:06]68104105106581076810810911058111ReIntro [04:21]44112113114115Verse [04:30]as your science takes you further 44442011612117you'll eventually concede222203118178119you can only scratch the surface 4444204412030121 i'm the one who's playing me222203122178123Bridge [04:39]I am the road3303124that won't be found 0353125i am the sign 3303126that guides you110127i'm in the air 3303128that's all around 0353129and when i choose3303130i'll be in your thoughts 7553983131Chorus [05:03]768132133134 i'll be in your dreams5373583135368136137138all the light you see 7553583139[05:18]768140141142 all the air you breathe537358314336814414514658147Outro Guitar Solo III [5:30]68148149150581516815215315458155[05:44]681561571585815968160161
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