Standard (EADGBE)

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It was said of the sheriff of Calhoun Parrish

Not to ever touch his daughter Anna Lee,

For to look at her with lustful eyes was certain

To get you time in the penitentiary.

It was true, she was quite voluptuous

It was true, she had eyes for me;

Then one night at a dance she walked up to me

And asked me would i meet her down by the creek

As i listened to her dangerous proposal

I thought about the high sheriff catching me

As i shook my head and quietly left the party,

I heard her laugh and say "you'll be sorry"

Then came upon my door a loud disturbance,

I opened it to the sheriff and his deputy.

He said, "son, did you molest my daughter?"

I said, "sheriff, i do not know of what you speak."

Then he grabbed me roughly by the collar

And flung me sprawling out into the street;

There were days in the jail with claustrophobia

And all on account of that wench Anna Lee

Well i finally worked a bar loose from the window

And i made my way into the woods of calhoun,

Late that night i came upon the cabin;

It was the home of Harham Cross, a friend i knew.

Would you mind if i sat down at your table

'cause it's been a while since i've had time to eat

And i'll pay y'all back when i'm able,

But right now the high sheriff is after me.