Travis Tritt - Im Gonna Be Somebody Someday Chords

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Bobby played his guitar on the harder side of town

Where it's hard for a poor boy to find the money

He had dedication, he had the heart and soul

Somehow knew he was born to play

People would say get a real job

Support your family

Cause there's no future in the road you're taking

He never said a word, the dreamer just kept on

Late at night you could hear him say (he'd say)


I'm gonna be somebody someday

One of these days I'm gonna break these chains

I'm gonna be somebody someday

You can bet your hard earned dollar I will

The road was a struggle

Took him ten years to the top

But now he's number one on the stage and the radio

Still he can't believe how people come from miles around

When it seemed like it was only yesterday, he would say


Bobby played his hometown

One fullmoon August night

When he heard a voice in the front row saying

It was a, sandy haired riverboy

With those same old hungry eyes

Looked up at Bobby and said



You can bet your hard earned dollar I will