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eBGDAE1=1004423456789101112To -night's_____3313The night,__ now.30014Ev - 'ry - bod - y''s at the show._30000031516The girls____________33317and boys__0018come to hear the rock 'n' roll.__00030011920You can't stop when the 2333321Rock- it's play - in'.330022Ev - 'ry - bod - y jump and shout.__30000032324Let's rock 'n' reel it an -33333025y way you feel it.0001126That's what this is all a - bout__33330032728292430Rock 'n' roll ma - chine.__00003443132fast - er than you've ev - er seen._300000033____334Rock 'n' roll ma - chine.__000033536All those eyes33337look - in' at you, yeah.333303839404142Oh ba - by,3343you're cra - zy now.30044We could try to steal the show.__30000034546Get set,______33347get read - y.0048Time to watch the rock - et blow.__00030014950Rock 'n' roll ma -2333351chine plays fast - er.330052Eas - y as a ring on a300000353bell.54Fire - ball scream-er, heav -33333055y met - al steam - er,0001156play - in' licks hot - ter than hell._33330035758592460Rock 'n' roll ma - chine,__000034461___62fast - er than you've ev - er seen._300000063____364Rock 'n' roll ma - chine.__0000365___66All those eyes33367look - in' at you, yeah.3333068697071727374757677787980818283848586878889909192939454954496979899100541011024410310454105441061071083410944110111112113114115116641174411854119441201211221231241251261271281291301311321331341351361371381391401411421431441451461471481491501511521531541551561571581591601611621631641651661671681691701711721731741751761771781791801811821831841851861871881891901911921931941951961971981992002012022032042053420620720820944210211212542134421421521621721834219442202212222232242252262272282292302312322332342352362372382392402412422432442452462472482492502512522532542552562572582592602612622632642652662672682692702712722732742752763427744278279280281282283284285286287288289290291292293294295296297298299300
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