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eBGDAE1=1404423456789101112131415161718192021222324Gimmie friction baby!85251058526And I like it!85278528Gimmie friction…85…baby!291058530And I like it!853185(love it)8532Like it!85(love it)88Gimmie DEATHPUNK baby!5331058534And I like it!85358536Gimmie DEATHPUNK baby!85371058538And I like it!853985(love it)8540Like it!85(love it)8541Like it!85(love it)8542Like it!85(love it)8543Get it on53544get it o-on535845get it on535get it on53465get it on53547get it on53548get it on858come on!88495051Get it on53552get it o-on535853get it on535get it on53545get it on53555get it on53556get it on858come on!8857Right! 558On!359Right! 560On!361Right! 562On!36364Gimmie shiny beast!886585866And I like it!85678568Gimmie shiny beast!886985870And I like it!857185(love it)8572Like it!85(love it)88Gimmie…5…teen machine!7312121274And I like it!857585yes I do..53763so677young...8firm8127813And i like it857985(love it)8580Like it!85(love it)8581Like it!85(love it)8582Like it!85(love it)8583Get it on53584get it o-on535885get it on535get it on53865get it on53587get it on53588get it on858come on!88899091Get it on53592get it o-on535893get it on535get it on53945get it on53595get it on53596get it on858come on!8897Right! 598On!399Right! 5100On!3101Right! 5102On!3103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120OW!11full121What do you want?88585122What do you want?..I wanna8858355123Get it on535Get it on531245Get it on535125What do you want?88585126What do you want?..I wanna8858355127Get it on535Get it on531285Get it on535129What do you want?88585130What do you want?..I wanna8858355131Get it on535Get it on531325Get it on535133What do you want?88585134What do...I wanna get it8858588135ON!5RIGHT!5136ON!3137RIGHT!5138ON!3139RIGHT!5140ON!3141RIGHT!5142ON!3143Tabbed by Andreas Dahl
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