eBGDAE1=821423456447891011121314Verse 1When the pieces fall toge-343434315ther3Know I'm there for333116you3And when your hopes are shat-31431317tered1I'll see you through113318I know it's been a long43434319time3since you have seen me3031320Nothing will ever be31431321the same31'cause everything's changed11113322Chorus 1I'll never kno-333123-ow which way to go33303fullTelling me33324something that I don't need0300302526I'll never kno-333127-ow which way to go33303fullTelling me33328something that I won't need0300332930Verse 2Tonight, it's all going43434331down3Time to put this all to rest313113332And if my hopes are shat-31431333tered1Well, I did my best1113334Been fighting this for a long343434335time3My own jealousy3031336Nothing will ever be31431337the same31'cause everything's changed11113338Chorus 2I'll never kno-333139-ow which way to go33303fullTelling me33340something that I don't need0300304142I'll never kno-333143-ow which way to go33303fullTelling me33344something that I won't need0300334546Solo 147484950Chorus 3I'll never kno-333151-ow which way to go33303fullTelling me33352something that I don't need0300305354I'll never kno-333155-ow which way to go33303fullTelling me33356something that I won't need0300335758Solo 259606162OutroHeaven must have sent ya, I've been3631133163waiting for something now36311464Heaven must have sent ya, I've been3631133165waiting for something now36311466Hey man13How's it feel to be the first131313167spaceman?1368Hey man13How's it feel to know my life's131311169in your hands?31370Heaven must have sent ya, I've been3631133171waiting for something now36311472Heaven must have sent ya, I've been3631133173waiting for something now3631147475767778798081