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eBGDAE1Main Riff With Octaves (How Jimi first plays it)=1101311442131111997331196497475644235646497611997119379789Main riff played with…11…single notes, low octave101197311947125423134471497931571617Main riff played with single notes in upper octave131813119319116920764321669221191132392425In Diatonic Scale Position 4 (refer to my free download on 5 shapes)13261311143271111142812111432911111430111411331143233In diatonic scale position 2934979335769367693376693869733994041In diatonic scale position 5442425343225443243452144624234754849Bass Line 1E70000020050Bm2222242451Bass Line Two77577533Change tuning (R)
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