d#A#F#C#G#D#1Intro part 1=1324423456part2347448910111254134414156416=1004417181920212223At night I 555241st Versewalk this stinkin' street, pass the cra -0331031325zies on my block, and I131455426see the same old faces and I hear00005441027that same old talk. And I'm33223328searching for the latest thing, a3333335129break in this routine32323I'm330talkin' some new kicks, ones like a0000533131you ain't never seen53302This is323432Chorushome0133this is010134mean street62235Yes, ah1336home0137the only one I1563338know2239And we don't555402nd Verseworry 'bout tomorrow, 'cause we're8553503341sick of these four walls325203Now442what you think is nothing might be0133504243something after all033112Now you3344know this ain't no through street, the end33335301045is dead a - head33203The046poor folks play for keeps down here533053547they're the livin' dead.01322Come on323448Chorusdown0149down to Mean5313502Street251They're dancin'2324452now0153Out on3554Mean Street12255BridgeDance, baby!3025657585960616263Solo64656667686970It's always555713rd Versehere and now my friend, it ain't855552072once upon a time00023It's all33373over but the shouting,333140I374come to take what's mine24322We're575searching for the latest thing, a5353559776break in this routine50035377talkin'some new kicks, ones like033353278you ain't never seen035535This is323479Chorushome0180this is010181mean street62282Yes, ah1383home0184the only one I1563385know228687Interlude(spoken)See, a gun is real easy41315518889in this desperate part of town31313129091turns you from hunted into hunter5335201312333922Yeah493You go and hunt somebody down212122419400Wait a minute, ah!5012195Somebody said "Fair32030596warning!" Lord50497Lord, strike that 11298poor boy down223599Outro100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115