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eBGDAE1=12044234Stumbling through the rubble,554555my heads in a spin,565557I hear them fighting,55454no58war that no one can win,4545559I'm to young to die,55455to late…5…to live,10455as politicians do the thing no god can 51155455545124for513give51415Time has come for us to die,=13554545451617no memories left to cry55455541819no chance of a rebirth,5454552021all the last rockers...545552223Hit and chant when they drop their bomb,2458585852526letting us burn and smoulder, too,58585852728while we stir in the burning radation,5858588582930they wanna ruin the whole recreation...5858588583132333435Time has come for us to die,54545453637no memories left to cry55455543839no chance of a rebirth,5454554041all the last rockers...54555424344Wandering 'round without a key58585854546all we ever wanted was to be free,58585854748our music was our only joy,58585854950and the goverments want to search and destroy...58858585585515253Stumbling through the012154rubble,2255my heads in a1212(2)56spin057I hear them 10158fighting,1259no war, no one can 1011160win061I'm to young to die,1010162too163late1to164live065as politicians do 01102the 066thing1no167good0can forgive...10681697071On our statues still remind,58585857273those who may come in future time,585858857475and we who fort on city streets,58585857677have perished in atomic heat...58585857879808182Time has come for us to die,54545458384no memories left to cry55455548586no chance of a rebirth,5454558788all the last rockers...54555899091They can't burn me from my kind,58585859293no dreams of death control my mind58585859495last rockers rule the world now,585105859697theres no one left to fight now...585105859899100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132133134135=110136137138139140141142143Change tuning (R)