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eBGDAE1=115442=1153Verse 1=115Do you like323A-3984-merican music?33302445I like22A-36-merican music333207Don't you like023A-38-merican music333029=100Ba-310-by....=1155311=2051212813Verse 2I want2314you to hold me330215I want your arms222316around me20317I want2318you to hold me33021920baby...0321Did you do01122too many drugs?1113523I did0024too many drugs1115325Did you do01126too many drugs too?111352728baby...03You were2229Chorusborn too late,222I was2230born too soon, 2662But231every time I look at that033333332ugly20moon2033It reminds me of3303334you035It reminds me of33033you33637Oh5Oh5Oh538Verse 3I need23a339date to the prom3330240Would you like to222241come along?332042Nobody000will343go to the prom0003with344me345baby...0346They didn't like3011A-147-merican music1113048They never heard0000Amer-0149-merican music155350They didn't know that30111mu-151-sic was in my113352soul...111153baby...03You were2254Chorusborn too soon,222I was2255born too late, 2662But256every time I look at that033333357ugly20lake2058It reminds me of3303359me060It reminds me of me3303361me062It reminds me of me3303336364Oh5Oh5Oh565Solo6667686970717273Verse 4Do you like323Amer-3374-ican music?330275We like5252A-5276-merican music636363523077I like23Amer-3378-ican music33027980Baby...205381Do you like323Amer-3382-ican music?330283We like5252all5284kinds of music6363523085But I like323Amer-3386-ican music330287best...288Baby...2053You were2289Chorusborn too late,222I was2290born too late, 2662But291every time I look at that033333392ugly20lake2093It reminds me of3303394me095It reminds me of me3303396me097It reminds me of me3303309899It reminds me of me113113100101It reminds me of me113113102103It reminds me of me113113104105=150It reminds me of me113113106accelerando44107113113108=160109113113110=170111113113112=180113113113114=190115113113116=200117113113118=210119113113120=220121113113122=225123113113124=2051251261271281 Add comment2 Add comment3 Add comment4 Add comment5 Add comment6 Add comment7 Add comment8 Add comment9 Add comment10 Add comment11 Add comment12 Add comment13 Add comment14 Add comment15 Add comment16 Add comment17 Add comment18 Add comment19 Add comment20 Add comment21 Add comment22 Add comment23 Add comment24 Add comment25 Add comment26 Add comment27 Add comment28 Add comment29 Add comment30 Add comment31 Add comment32 Add comment33 Add comment34 Add comment35 Add comment36 Add comment37 Add comment38 Add comment39 Add comment40 Add comment41 Add comment42 Add comment43 Add comment44 Add comment45 Add comment46 Add comment47 Add comment48 Add comment49 Add comment50 Add comment51 Add comment52 Add comment53 Add comment54 Add comment55 Add comment56 Add comment57 Add comment58 Add comment59 Add comment60 Add comment61 Add comment62 Add comment63 Add comment64 Add comment65 Add comment66 Add comment67 Add comment68 Add comment69 Add comment70 Add comment71 Add comment72 Add comment73 Add comment74 Add comment75 Add comment76 Add comment77 Add comment78 Add comment79 Add comment80 Add comment81 Add comment82 Add comment83 Add comment84 Add comment85 Add comment86 Add comment87 Add comment88 Add comment89 Add comment90 Add comment91 Add comment92 Add comment93 Add comment94 Add comment95 Add comment96 Add comment97 Add comment98 Add comment99 Add comment100 Add comment101 Add comment102 Add comment103 Add comment104 Add comment105 Add comment106 Add comment107 Add comment108 Add comment109 Add comment110 Add comment111 Add comment112 Add comment113 Add comment114 Add comment115 Add comment116 Add comment117 Add comment118 Add comment119 Add comment120 Add comment121 Add comment122 Add comment123 Add comment124 Add comment125 Add comment126 Add comment127 Add comment128 Add commentChange tuning (R)