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eBGDAE1Drum Intro:=14844234Aahh!35Intro:67Ooh...785Yeah!3910Ooh...7111213Verse 1:I see the 22214win - ter in her eyes2220215As I2016turn to go...202017See the2218pain on her face a2200019fro - zen rose04222021With the2022toss of her hair2234323And the2024bite of her lip2240325She'll226ask me so shy220027An - y - thing left to 0004228say?2And I say 22029Pre-Chorus:34No no ba -55555530-by not this time5577897731a - gain77773233This time it's o -555834-ver8You've735got to learn8873637Chorus:Now338dar - lin' love is cruel325733940dar - lin' love is blind 325734142love is pain5234344So345cry346Shed a tear to - day325734748Shed a tear my baby325734950love is pain523515253Verse 2:I see our 02054love out of reach220455Arms in twi -03556- ned with lies42057What058shattered the night2204Still059haunts me in the rain002426061Now you're2062lost child, lost35463Like a898964ship on the storm8977777765Your266distant eyes Are200067shadows of oth - ers I've00004468known269Pre-Chorus:34No no ba -55555570-by not this time5577897771a - gain77777273This time it's o -555874-ver8You've775got to learn8877677Chorus:Now378dar - lin' love is cruel325737980dar - lin' love is blind 325738182love is pain5238384Ooh...7585Cry386Shed a tear to - day35235778358788Shed a tear my baby...32578897890Love is pain...77579157579293Solo:949596979899100101102103104105106107108109Now3110Outro Chorus:dar - lin' love is cruel32573111112dar - lin' love is blind 32573113114Love is pain523115116Ooh...75117I3118I shed a tear today5757573535119120I shed a tear my baby...55555812178122Love is pain757123124125Outro:126Yeah!3127Ooh...3128Yeah...2129Love3130Love Love is pain3353131Ooh...31322133Ooh...15134135121361513715138XChange tuning (R)