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eBGDAE1Intro=1165423456789341011Woh!4441213Oh yeah!574144151617181924204421221st VerseCertain things you do004 really make me mad04402423I must confess202202425The026way the street light4444 silhouettes your544327 thighs inside your dress5540022829A730wild child in the streets77557I431I've seen you 5420but I really200032don't44know42330One434million miles an hour headed out4442200035to where the down boys go022000363738Pre-ChorusWoh!7Can we rewind555539to where we've been3303Oh!340I wish you'd take a look333333and341Chorussee the shape I'm in53537 Where the down00442boys0go...20...go!443 Where the down45457944boys go...4557 ...go12124591012127946 Where the down boys7945577947go5502Yeah!248I wanna go4220 where the454549down boys5779 go55baby!7945502nd Verse You comb your hair0040put on your shades222451you look real cool!2022 You're452givin'44me4the run around444453make me feel like5000a4fool0you054got a lot of nerve55557to call me cheap000055even though it's true00004and I4456don't care where we go tonight422220057take me along0005with you---------------------00583Can we rewind555559to where we've been3303Oh!360I wish you'd take a look333333and361see the shape I'm in53537 Where the down00462boys0go...20...go!463 Where the down45457964boys go...4557 ...go12126591012127966 Where the down boys7945577967go5502Yeah!268I wanna go4220 where the454569down boys go577979baby!75427071Solo72737475767778798081Certain things you do really make me mad11117117753782I must confess------------------------------------7537578376784The way485the street light silhouettes353537your386thighs inside your dress-----------------------75353530487Ooh!0Yeah!08889Woh!12121010Can we rewind755590to where33we've been03Ooh,391I wish you'd take a look333333and392see5the shape55I'm in3793yeah!77 Where the down4545494boys0go...20...go!495 Where the down45457996boys go...4557 ...go121297910121279574598 Where the down boys7945577999go5502Yeah!2100I wanna go4220 where the4545101down boys5779go55 Where the down7504102boys0go20103 Where the down454579104boys45go...7945105106Where the down boys4024107go02108Where the down........00091091102411154112113114115116117
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