Standard (EADGBE)


Falling to my knees before you,

So ashamed to see my weakness fill your eyes.

Needlessly, I let myself stray before you,

Now I face the consequence of my betrayal.


My pa---radigm, my swe---et love I breathe,

Shelter me from co----ld,

I'm dying, paradigm.


Do we sacrifice, let our story die?

Blissful lullabies return again,

If we still a while, let love survive,

Delicately crawling to your grace.



Perfect sky, shadowed by my lies,

Good enough but always wanting more.

I replaced all your love with pain,

So afraid to face the world alone.

(The solo here is just a walk up from to )

My pa---radigm, my swe---et love I breathe


Dying paradigm (4x)

(End on )

Again, listen for the timing because it is not exact with the words.