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eBGDAE1=12424244345I56cant8help my feelings8877777 I go out of my mind 5558These players 685come to get me5577cause they'd779 like my 55Behind54I can't510love my888my business if777711I can't get a trick 5558Down on6125Santa Monica55777where…7…triks are for kids135554Whoa!7144715come on and kick me775751617Whoa!7184719come on and kick me7757520Whoa!75Oh!721come on and kick me7757522Whoa!!75Oh!723You've got your problems77757524Whoa!!75Oh!725I've got my eyes wide77757526Whoa!!75Oh!727You've got your big G's77757528829I've got my hash pipe !7757530313233I534can't help my boogies88877they7get735get out of control 5558I636know that you don't care55577but I want…77…you to know 375554The538knee-stocking flavor is a888777739 favorite treat 5558Of640men5that don't bother with55777741 a taste of a teat5554Whoa!!!7424743Come on and kick me775754445Whoa!!7464747Come on and Kick me7757548Whoa!!75Oh!1749Come on and kick me77757550Whoa!75Oh!751You've got your problems 77757552Whoa!!75Oh!753I've got my eyes wide77757554Whoa!!75Oh!1755You've got your big G's77757556857I've got my hash pipe775755859I've got my hash pipe77575606162636465666768697071Whoa!7724773Come on and kick me775757475Whoa!776Oh!4777Come on and kick me7757578Whoa!75Oh!779Come on and kick me77757580Whoa!75Oh!781You've got your problems77757582Whoa! Oh!75783I've got my eyes wide77757584Whoa! Oh!75785You've got your big G's77757586887I've got my hash pipe775758889I've got my hash pipe7757590919293I've got my hash pipe7757594959697I've got my hash pipe7757598
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