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eBGDAE1=153442G34G5Bb F Bb F6G7Em8Bm93xBm10Verse G We're only mak022011Em ing plans for22212Bm Nigel0213Bm14G We only want022015Em what's best for him22016Bm217Bm18G We're only mak022019Em ing plans for22220Bm Nigel0221Bm22G Nigel just needs022023Em this helping hand22024Bm225Bm26Chorus Am7 And if young Ni333327Am7 gel says he's hap333228G py - He must be333029G/F# happy - he must be2333030Em7 happy - He must be2333031Em7 happy - In his2332032D work33D-5 D34G35Em36Bm373xBm38Bridge E Nigel is22239E not out spoken but he22222240F likes to speak and he2023341C loves to be spoken to20223242G43G6 F#644F6+9 Nigel is hap333345Em py in his work2103346G47G6 F#648F6+9 Nigel is hap333349Em py in his work2103350G513xG6 F#652G53Em54Bm55Bm56G57Em58Bm59Bm60G We're only mak022261Em ing plans for22262Bm Nigel0263Bm64G He has a fu022265Em ture in a British220066Bm Steel2467Bm Steel20468Steel20469Steel20470Steel20471Steel - Yeah, Yeah204072G But we're only mak0000073Em ing plans for02274Bm Nigel - Ni40475Bm gel - Ni40476G gel - Ni0477Em gel - Ni0478Bm gel - Ni04794xBm gel - Ni0480G gel - Ni0481Em gel - Ni0482Bm gel - Ni0483Bm gel - Ni04
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