eBGDAE1=111442345678You09didn't have to love me like you220220210did but you did but you20220211did2and I2512thank you52you013didn't have to love me like you220220214did but you did but you20220215did2and I2516thank you5217But you took your love to330031018someone else202I019wouldn't know what it meant to be2253535020loved to death20221You make me feel like I've ne-3303130223ver felt1223Kisses so good I had to535535524holler for help5355You025didn't have to squeeze but you22020226did but you did but you20220227did2and I2528thank you52You029didn't have to hold it but you220220230did but you did but you20220231did2and I2532thank you5233ervery day was303134something new202you035put on your bag and your30031036fine too (???)2237you got me try - in'3033138new things too22539just so I can keep in20222040love with you2024142434445464748you049didn't have to shake it like you220220250did but you did but you20220251did2and I2552thank you52 You3053didn't have to make it like you5252305202305254did but you did but you52305252305255did52and I528556thank you855257all my life I3031058miss your chain202with -059out your love baby it's a300311060cry - in shame20261now I know what the fellas303111062talkin' about220263when they say that they2022064did turn out202I wanna22265thank you5266yes I wanna522267thank you5268I wanna22269thank you5270yes I wanna522271thank you5272737475767778798081828384858687888990Change tuning (R)