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eBGDAE13=9118162=84161634Well, I knocked down on your door baby.7757full7full7To see if you were at home.71071056Your shade was down, there wasn't even a sound55557777999but something told me you weren't alone.777710101077108What in the world can a nasty dog do,777710710799to try to get next to you.799999997997101077101071112131415Don't laugh 'cause it ain't…77…funny.167full7full7710710but look how it happened to me.517555577718It could happen to you,9997777101010771019You could be a fool too and leave you in misery.7777107107920799I guess there's nothing more a funky king can do,99999799721107710to try to get next to you.107222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051
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